There is an honesty control in the right top corner of the "American Roulette" game. The honesty control shows the current date, publication number and the number of the current spin. During the game process you can record the publication number, the spin number and winning number in the current spin. You can get all this data from games history. After, with the help of the honesty control mechanism you can check game results. To do this, go to the HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILE and download the password of the protected zip archive that contains the publication file from the CRYPTED DATA section. The zip archive with the personal info file becomes available after 15 minutes since the publication process is completed. You have to download and extract the files from it. 

For visual check, you need a semi-automatic check program. You can download it from 'HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILES >> DOWNLOAD A PROGRAM FOR SEMI - AUTOMATIC CHECK >> DOWNLOAD'. After you have installed and launched the software, you should go to 'PROGRAM >> SETTINGS' section in the right top corner, and specify the path to the folder, which contains a publication file (unzipping is not necessary). You should extract the private data file (.prv file) from the archive and copy it to the folder where the publication file is located. After choosing 'ROULETTE >> AMERICAN ROULETTE' section from the left window, under the 'Publications' label, the list of publications is displayed. You will have to choose the number you need and click on 'EXTRACT PASSWORD', 'EXTRACT GAME', and 'BUILD' in a sequence. 

After that, a list of spin numbers will appear at the bottom of the window, in front of each one there will be a drop space in this spin number and color. The password and the spin numbers can be set manually, and to view the winning number for each spin number in the indicated publication you have to enter the password and click on the 'BUILD' button, leaving the 'Rounds' box empty. You can choose passwords and spin numbers manually. To view the roulette turn again per each spin number in the publication, enter the password and click on the BUILD button, leaving the 'GAMES' field blank. 

For a manual check, just unzip the publication file. To unzip you will require a password, which is found in the top line of the personal data file. The publication file is a text file, and then all the information is stored in the txt format. This file contains all spin numbers of the publication, with its respective winning numbers for each spin.

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