In the upper right corner of "American Wheel of Fortune" game is a unit of honesty control (HC), which indicates the current date and the number of playable publication and the number of current spin. During the game you can write the publication number, spin number and the number dropped out in this spin (the same data can be taken from the history of games), and then, using the mechanism of HC, check the results of the game. You should open "HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILES" and download the archive (which is a password-protected and have the extension .rar) with file of publication from the "Encrypted data". In 15 minutes after the end of Your played publication becomes available the archive (extension .rar) with a file of personal data which should be downloaded to your computer and unarchive. 

For the visual checking is required a semi-automatic verification program, which can be download from the "HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILES>> DOWNLOAD A PROGRAM FOR SEMI - AUTOMATIC CHECK >> DOWNLOAD >>". Having installed and launched this program, in its setting (in the upper right corner of program interface is the button PROGRAM >> SETTINGS) specify path to the folder where is archive file publication (to unpack file is not needed). Archive with a file of personal data is necessary to unpack and copy the personal data file (extension .prv) to the folder where the archive file publication. Choosing in program "Keno and Lottery >> American Wheel of Fortune", in the left window under "Publications:" will display a list of publications where required to choose the number you need, then it is necessary by turn click on buttons "EXTRACT PASSWORD", "EXTRACT GAME" and "BUILD". 

After that in the bottom part of the window displays a list of numbers of played spins, in front of each spin will be displayed the sequence of symbols for current spin, where the dropped out symbol is framed. 

Password and numbers of spins can be specified manually and to view a sequence of symbols for each number of spin in publication, needs just enter your password and click "BUILD", leaving the "DIALS:" empty. 

For a manual check you need to unpack the file of publication. During the unpacking will require a password. It is in the first line of personal data file. File publication is opened in text editor and all information contained in it has a plain text format. This file contains all numbers of games publication, in front of each displays the random sequence of 54 numbers. 

Each number corresponds to a symbol on the wheel, namely to the symbol "1" correspond the numbers - 1 3 5 7 9 13 15 17 19 21 24 26 29 31 33 34 36 39 41 43 45 47 51 53; to the symbol "2" - 2 6 10 12 16 20 23 27 30 32 37 42 46 49 52; to the symbol "5" - 4 8 18 25 38 44 50; to the symbol "10" - 11 22 35 48; to the symbol "20" - 28 54; to the symbol «J» - 14; to the symbol «X» corresponds the number 40.

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