In the upper right corner of the slot "Professor" is a unit of honesty control(HC), which indicates the current date and the number of playable publication number of the current game and a shift. During the game you can write the publication number, game number, the selected shift and appeared symbols (the same data can be taken from the history of games), and then, using the mechanism of Honesty Control, check the results of the game. You should open "HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILES" and download the archive (which is a password-protected and have the extension .rar) with file of publication from the "Encrypt data". In 15 minutes after the end of Your played publication becomes available the archive (extension .rar) with a file of personal data which should be downloaded to your computer and unarchive.

For the visual checking is required a semi-automatic verification program, which can be download from the "HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILES>> DOWNLOAD A PROGRAM FOR SEMI - AUTOMATIC CHECK >> DOWNLOAD >>". Having installed and launched this program, in its setting (in the upper right corner of program interface is the button PROGRAM >> SETTINGS) specify path to the folder where is archive file publication (to unpack file is not needed). Archive with a file of personal data is necessary to unpack and copy the personal data file (extension .prv) to the folder where the archive file publication. Choosing in program "Slots >>Professor ", in the left window under "Publications:" displays a list of publications where required to choose the desired number, then it is necessary by turn click on buttons "EXTRACT PASSWORD", "EXTRACT GAME" and "BUILD".

In the bottom of the window will display a list of played game numbers. After each game number portrayed random sequence of characters for each reel. There are five reels in the slot machine "Professor", so the screen will display five lines of 40 characters, the first line corresponds to the first reel, the second - to the second reel, the third – to the third, etc. In each line with red frame denoted the character that was selected for the drop on the reel with the help of HC (Honesty Control) block. Under the general sequence of characters depicted characters which drop out on the reels during a game. This unit looks exactly the same as in the game and it is formed as follows: the top character in the first column – the character highlighted by a red frame in the first row corresponding to the first reel; second and third characters in the first column – the characters which are on the right of the selected character in line, in accordance with the first reel. in the remaining four columns are formed in the same manner as in the first column, but the symbols are taken from the row corresponding to the particular reel.

Under dropped out characters in the game there is an information unit of the bonus game, consisting of five numbers. The location of numbers is completely corresponds to the position of tablets in the bonus game "Laboratory". This numbers, hidden in tablets are the coefficient.

Further the game of odds data is located. There are four characters in this block, each of them may be red (R) or green (G). The number of green (G) characters and is a winning variant in a game of odds.

For a manual check, simply unzip the publication file and view publication file yourself. During unzipping password is required. It is in the first line in the file of personal data. Publication file opens in standard text editor and all information it contains in text format. This file contains all publication games numbers, opposite each of which displays a random sequence of 200 digits (five blocks of 40 digits separated by a comma and space).

The first 40 digits separated by a comma and a space, belong to the first reel, second 40 digits – to the second reel, third 40 digits – to the third, etc. Each digit corresponds to a particular character on the game screen, namely 1 - burner 2 - flask, 3 - atom 4 - books, 5 - formula 6 - measuring instrument 7 - thermometer 8 - robot 9 - Free, 10 - Bonus, 11 - Joker, 12 - Scatter. Then follow 5 digits – they are coefficients, hidden in each tablet of bonus game "Laboratory". After a comma, by a space follow four letters R (red) or G (green), these letters denote green and red formulas in the game of odds.

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