1. Purpose of this privacy policy 

1.1. This privacy policy sets up the procedure of data collecting and processing, which we Nadontil Limited, 11 Megalou Alexandrou, 4632 Kolossi, Limassol, Cyprus (is licensed via the fully owned Overcan N.V. Heelsumstraat 51, E-Commerce Park, Curacao), can get about you. There is a description of a processing your personal data and steps which we take towards their protection and also the way you can review and rectify your personal data. Please read carefully the current Privacy policy as it includes the information about the possible variants of using your personal data about you. Feel free to contact with us using any suitable way in «Online help» section.

1.2. Unless the context otherwise requires, capitalised terms not defined in this Privacy Policy shall be as defined in the General Terms, which, for the avoidance of doubt, also apply and you will need to read and understand the General Terms in addition to this Privacy Policy.

1.3. We may change this Privacy Policy, from time to time by updating this page. Please make sure you revisit this page regularly to stay informed of the most up-to-date Privacy policy.

2. Information we collect

2. 1. By visiting our site and/or using our application, registering to use the services offered for the time being by us through our website and/or any application this Privacy Policy will apply.

2.2. The personal data we collect about you may contain:

2.2.1. Information you provide to us upon registration;

2.2.2. Information you provide to us upon any mail and a record of correspondence with you;

2.2.3. Data about transactions which you provide to us and also your payment information and data about your card;

2.2.4. Information about your using of our Services;

2.2.5. Information which you provide to us with the help of surveys and contests where you participate;

2.2.6. Information about any possible fraudulent, criminal or anti-money laundering activity which our systems detect;

2.2.7. Information about your history and patterns of bets;

2.3. You are not obliged to provide us with information but in case you don’t, we will not be able to provide the requested Service.

3.  Use of your personal data

3.1. In accordance with data protection laws, we will only process your personal data where we have a lawful basis for doing so. In respect of your personal data, these bases are where it is necessary to provide Services to you under the performance of the contract we have with you; where we are required to do so in accordance with legal or regulatory obligations; where you have given your consent; and where it is in our legitimate interests to process your personal data provided that these do not prejudice your own rights, freedoms and interests.

3.2. We will process your personal data for the following purposes and in accordance with the following lawful conditions:

3.2.1. To enable us to set up and operate Your Account so that you can make full use of all of the features of the Services, including crediting Your Account with funds, placing bets and playing games;

3.2.2. To provide the Services to you;

3.2.3. To enable us to receive questions and comments from you through our Support service, and for us to be able to respond to them;

3.2.4. To record telephone calls and retain communications to and from our Customer Services (incoming and outgoing calls) for training purposes to allow us to improve our customer services as well as for security purposes to allow us to identify persons in subsequent communications (legitimate interests);

3.2.5. To monitor your gambling patterns and to identify possible responsible gambling;

3.2.6. Preparing statistics, providing analytical reports and analysis relating to the use of the Services by you and other customers;

3.2.7. Periodically sending written communications to you to announce important service changes, technical issue updates and changes;

3.2.8. To send you offers and promotions which may be of interest to your;

3.2.9. To provide you with personalised use of our Services so that we can offer you and other players a better service;

3.2.10. To profile you so that we can better understand your preferences and which products and offers would be most suitable for you and customers similar to you;

3.3. We are required to implement measures to identify and investigate any suspected unlawful, fraudulent or improper activity connected with the Services, including possible money laundering, the use of proceeds of crime and fraud. We are also obliged to investigate and identify any possible integrity issues, such as cheating. In order to assist us in carrying out these obligations we will implement various manual and automated checks and balances to process your personal data and to flag any suspicious activity (necessary to comply with a legal obligation).

3.4. For the processing purposes of prevention or detection of crime as well as responsible gambling as described in paragraphs 3.3 and 3.4, we may supplement the information that you provide to us with information that we receive from third parties or collate by accessing third party sources, including (without limitation) information published on the Internet about or by you, for example on social media and social networking sites (necessary to comply with a legal obligation).

4. Updating your information

It is important that the information we hold about you is accurate in order for us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations and also to provide you with the best possible service.  We therefore request that you ensure your personal data is up to data at all times.  You may update your personal data at any time from within Your Account through Profile or by contacting Customer Services.

5. Security of information

5.1. We aim to protect the personal data and our services from unauthorised access or changing of your personal data. It includes of using different kinds of data protection standards, stored by us or on behalf of us and current revision of storing, collecting and processing of information.

5.2. As described in this Privacy Policy, we try to treat with your personal data in full confidentiality and try to take reasonable steps of the safe storing of your personal data once it has been transferred to our systems. However, the Internet security is quite doubtful and we cannot guarantee the security of any data you disclose online. You accept the inherent security risks of providing information and dealing online over the Internet and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security unless this is due to our technical and organizational failure as required by GDPR.

6. Your data subject rights

6.1. You have the following rights in terms of your personal data:

6.1.1. The right of access to your personal data we hold about you;

6.1.2. The right to restrict processing of your personal data in case of our legitimate interests but in spite of it, we can process your personal data anyway if there are other legal bases when we have strong reasons to continue processing of your personal data in the our interests which are not redefine,d by your human rights, interests or freedoms.

6.1.3. The right to rectification of the personal data;

6.1.4. The right of erasure of personal data when there are no longer necessary to process, when you revoked your consent, when you contradict according to the item 6.1.2, when your private data were processes illegally or when the erasuring of your personal data required under juridical circumstances.

6.1.5. The right to request an explanation of the logic of automated decision-making about you exceptionally

6.1.6. The right to complaint on your national authority of data protection

6.2. If you are not sure in your rights and worry about the way your private data can be processed, you can contact with your national data protection authority.

6.3. If you want to exercise your rights, you can do this by sending us an email to the address help@xcasino.com. Note that until we will try to comply with any of your request you make in respect of your rights they are not your absolute rights. This means that we may have to refuse your request or may only be able to comply with it in part.

6.4. When you make a request concerning your rights we need identity verification. We also can ask you to clarify the request. If we get repeated requests or have reasons to think the requests are unwarranted, we reserve the right to refuse you to answer.

7. Marketing

7.1. From time to time, we can connect with you on the purpose of providing promotions, products and services which will be interesting to you.

7.2. We may also profile you and your activity with our Marketing for the purpose of providing you different marketing offers we or believe are relevant for you.  This profilage will be held on the base of using our Services by you.

8. Saving of your private data

We save your private data for period which is needed for providing you Service. Personal data will be erased when they are no longer necessary for processing. However, pay attention that we can meet legislative and regulatory requirements for saving personal data during longer period of time, in particular according to the any applicable prescribed by the legislation period of limitation.

9. IP adrdess

Your browser also generates other information, including which language the site is displayed in, and your Internet Protocol address ("IP address"). An IP address is a set of numbers that is assigned to the User’s computer during a browsing session whenever you log on to the Internet via your internet service provider or your network (if you access the Internet from, for example, a computer at work). Your IP address is automatically logged by our servers and used to collect traffic data about visitors to our websites. We also use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our Website.

10. Cookies

10.1. Cookies are small text files that are saved by the website through your browser in order to improve user experience or search of a certain site, to remember your preferences or search history/activity (e.g. pages which you entered in certain website, language preference or typical activity) on a specific site. Cookies can’t spread viruses and can’t set harmful software or other harmful programs on your computer.

10.2. The cookies we use carry out different tasks. For example, some of them are necessary and/or functional, they remember your choice in settings and your language preferences. It is important as it allows you to remain in user account on the website and prevents of necessity to log in every time you enter other website section. Remove of these file cookies can influence on your ability to use our Service. Other files cookies are designed for analytics and advertising aims. They share information about using of Website, to control productivity, follow you get the best experience on our website. Choosing to reject cookies, may prevent certain features. We also use file cookies which save information about your device (e.g. IP address, type of device, geolocation data, information about browser) to help us to  identify you for preventing fraud, strictly following our requirements the fight against money laundering and to discover forbidden actions which can influence on quality of your service. We get the data from your device only when you are on your user account.  In case of using outside file cookies, they are strictly checked for protection ensure of personal data as required by legal system. We cannot provide service without these file cookies.

10.3. You can control your settings of privacy and security. Access restriction to some file cookies can cause on your using of Website.

10.4. By continuing to use this Website you confirm your continuing acceptance of file cookies.

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